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Kevin Hutson
Wood Turner



My inspirations have come in many forms, from a walk in the forest to catch the movement of a tree together with a leaf silhouetted against it's own backdrop. Then maybe a walk along the coastline to capture the wonderful lines and movement of a birds wing. I have made many a visit to the Victorian Albert museum London and have been astonished by the beauty and delicacy of the Chinese bone china bowls, some dating back to the thirteen hundreds and beyond. I try and try very hard when turning a piece to include the visual and tactile aesthetics of the Chinese masters, it is that combination when a piece is only completed on my lathe.
The natural beauty of the wood is paramount, but the use of subtle colours and surface tones can enhance the blandest of curtain species of woods. 
I am always sketching to further my knowledge and awareness of my surroundings. Everyday is a learning day especially on my lathe.  


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